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The St Andrews Society relies heavily on sponsors to allow us to host events and support our nominated charities. We are extremely grateful to our sponsors and among the ways we thank them is to give them a mention on our website.

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ADScots Constitution
Written by Administrator   





1. The name of the society shall be 'The Scottish St Andrew's Society of Abu Dhabi', hereafter referred to as "the Society".


2. The object of the Society shall be: To foster social and business relations amongst Scottish people, their families and anyone interested in Scotland and Scottish culture in Abu Dhabi. To promote Scottish activities and institutions, and to arrange for the appropriate celebration of the Scottish anniversaries. To raise funds through our events to support both local and Scottish charities actively.


3. Ordinary membership of the Society shall not be confined to Scottish persons only. All nationalities will be welcome as members.
3a The Chieftain and Vice Chieftain shall be Scottish by birth.

4. There shall be four classes of membership:

a) Ordinary membership: of the Society.

b) Life Membership: Life membership will have all the rights of ordinary membership but will pay a one off fee to be reviewed from time to time by the Committee.

c) Honorary Membership: Being conferred, by a unanimous vote of the Committee, as a mark of distinction on a person or persons who may have rendered service to the Society. Honorary Members may enjoy all the privileges of Ordinary Members, including a vote and shall be exempt from the subscription.

d) Honorary Life Membership: Being conferred by a unanimous vote of the Committee as a mark of distinction on a person or persons on departure from Abu Dhabi. Honorary Life Members may enjoy all the privileges of Ordinary members but without voting rights, they shall pay no subscription.


4 (a) Ordinary Members shall pay an annual subscription. This amount shall be reviewed and fixed annually by the Committee as deemed appropriate.


4 (b) Subsequent subscriptions shall be paid to the Honorary Treasurer, and shall be due from the start of each calendar year. New applications received on/from 1 August of any given year, shall be considered by the committee to be entitled to membership until the subsequent year renewal date.


4 (c) Life Membership shall pay a one time subscription of 450 Dhs. This amount shall be reviewed and fixed by the Committee from time to time as deemed appropriate.


4 (d) The financial year will operate in line with a calendar year, from 1st January until 31st December.


5. The management and control of the affairs of the Society shall be vested in a Committee consisting of a Chieftain (or in his absence his nominees from the Committee) who will act as chairman. A Vice Chieftain, an Honorary Secretary, an Honorary Treasurer and Honorary Membership Secretary (Collectively the Office Bearers) and preferably not less than five members, all of whom shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting. In cases of equality, the Chairman shall have the casting vote.
Five members of the committee, including at least two Office Bearers shall form a quorum. In the event any of these positions are vacant, the remaining offices bearers will cover these roles until such times these positions are filled.


6. Retiring Office Bearers and Committee Members shall be eligible for re-election. Nominations for Office Bearers and Committee Members shall be lodged in writing with the Honorary Secretary, suitably proposed and seconded, at least seven days prior to the Annual General Meeting. Election in absentia of a Member to the committee is permissible if the written agreement of the Candidate is in the possession of the Honorary Secretary.


7. The Committee, which shall meet as the business of the Society demands, shall conduct the Society's affairs and have power to fill any vacancy, which occurs in it's number during the year, by co-option.


8. Minutes of the proceedings of all General and Committee meetings shall be recorded in a Minute File, and a General Report and Financial Statement of the affairs of the Society shall be submitted to the Annual General Meeting of the Members.


9. All monies received on behalf of the Society shall be held by the Honorary Treasurer or committee members. All sums of money received and all payments made on behalf of the Society shall be recorded by the Honorary Treasurer who shall submit an audited account Annual Statement of Account for the financial year for members' information.


10 (a) The Annual General Meeting of the Society shall be held in within 3 months of 31st December for the passing of Accounts, the election of Office Bearers, Committee Members and for general business. A quorum shall be a minimum of 10% of the Members. Any member wishing to bring forward a Resolution on any subject not in included in the Agenda, shall send notice of such motion to the Honorary Secretary at least seven days before the meeting. The new Committee shall take over after the Annual General Meeting each year, and shall continue in office until the following Annual General Meeting.


10 (b) Requisite notice of a General Meeting will be deemed to have been given if notices are posted to members at least fourteen days prior to the date of the meeting.


11. An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called at any time, with not less than 14 days notice, in accordance with paragraph 10(b), by the Committee or on the written request of not less than ten members who shall explain their object at time of writing. A quorum shall be fifteen Members.


12. Business of whatever nature connected with the Society may be discussed at an Ordinary General Meeting, but no business shall be discussed at an Extraordinary General Meeting other than that for which the meeting was convened.


13. Questions at General Meetings on which a vote may be taken shall be decided by a show of hands, except that in the case of elections of Office Bearers and Committee, it shall be by ballot where more than one candidate stands for election. In the event of an equality of votes, the Chairman of the meeting shall have the casting vote.


14. Members whose subscriptions are in arrears shall have no vote at an Annual or Extraordinary General Meeting and any Member in arrears may be removed from the Roll of Members at the discretion of the Committee.


15. If any member misconducts himself/herself, he/she shall be liable to have his/her name struck off the Rolls of the Society. The power of expulsion from the Society shall be vested in the Committee, of which not less than three-fourths shall be present at the meeting to consider such expulsion. A majority of two-thirds must be in favour of such expulsion.


16. No part of the Constitution or Rules of the Society shall be altered unless the proposed alterations have been circulated in writing to the Honorary Secretary and circulated to all members at least 14 days before a General Meeting or Extraordinary General Meeting and subsequently approved. Notice in accordance with paragraph 10. (b) is required.


17. A notice shall be sent to all new members intimating their election and enclosing a copy of the Constitution, in addition an introduction / welcome pack shall be emailed to all new members.


18. Members shall give notice in writing to the Honorary Secretary or Membership Secretary, of any alteration of email address or mobile telephone numbers; otherwise the Committee will not be responsible for the delivery of any Communications.


19. The Committee may, at its discretion, may refuse to accept as a guest at any Society Function: (a) A person who has been removed from membership of the Society. (b) A person who continues to be indebted to the Society after due notice of such indebtedness has been given.


20. The Society shall sue and be sued in the name of the Chieftain for the time being. The Committee, as a body, and each Committee Member, as an individual, shall at all times be indemnified out of the funds, property and assets of the Society against the consequences of any act or deed done or omitted to be done by the Committee, or by a Committee member in respect of or in connection with the business or conduct of the Society unless such acts or deeds happen outside its or his authority or from its or his own wilful act of default.


21. Charitable funds: each year the committee will vote and approve at least one Abu Dhabi based and one Scottish based charity for the 12 month period. Members may also nominate charities of their choice for consideration during the approval process. The same charities may be voted in consecutive years. The committee can also approve charitable one time donations to be paid to other nominated / specially selected charities or charitable events, subject to availability of funds throughout the year.


22. Should, at any time, the circumstances make it necessary to wind up the affairs of the Society, authority is vested in the Committee to assign any surplus funds or other assets of the Society to suitable Scottish or Local Charities. Individual assets, gifted by members of the Society, should be returned to the donors or disposed of under their authority wherever possible.

Effective: March 2014


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